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A Guide to Printed Tapes and Labels

Self-adhesive tapes and labels printed with warning messages or symbols are a good way of alerting handling personnel to the handling requirements or contents of a consignment. A wide selection of these is available from stock in standard designs as a cost-effective alternative to custom printed tapes and labels.

Pacplus® Printed Message Tapes

These 48mm wide, 66 metre long white polypropylene tapes are printed conspicuously in red so that the message can be easily read, and are wound onto a standard 75mm cardboard core so they are compatible with most hand held and bench tape dispensers.

The product codes and printed messages are as follows:

Tegrabond® Printed Message Tapes

If water activated tape is preferred, these are also available with pre-printed messages on 70mm wide natural reinforced kraft paper:

Transpal® Printed Message and Hazard Warning Labels

Message labels are sometimes preferable to message tapes and are stocked in a wide range of sizes and designs:

  • ANTI-STATIC WARNING – 80 x 35mm – SG80AS
  • CARGO AIRCRAFT ONLY – 125 x 110mm – HAZ2000
  • CAUTION HEAVY PACKAGE – 148 x 50mm – SG148HV
  • DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED – 89 x 32mm – SG89DO
  • DO NOT BEND – 89 x 32mm – SG89DN
  • DO NOT CRUSH – 148 x 50mm – SG148DO
  • DO NOT STACK – 108 x 79mm – SG108NS
  • DO NOT USE SHARPS – 148 x 50mm – SG148NS
  • FRAGILE – 89 x 32mm – SG89FR
  • FRAGILE and Glass Symbol – 45 x 60mm – SG45GFR
  • GLASS – 89 x 32mm – SG89GL
  • GLASS WITH CARE – 148 x 50mm – SG148GL
  • HANDLE WITH CARE – 89 x 32mm – SG89HA
  • LIQUID INSIDE – 108 x 79mm – SG108LI
  • SOLD – 89 x 32mm – SG89SO
  • THIS WAY UP – 108 x 79mm – SG108TH
  • URGENT – 89 x 32mm – SG89UR

Diamond-shaped 100 x 100mm CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) labels use recognised pictograms for rapid identification of hazardous contents:

The easiest way to dispense labels from the roll and protect them from damage is to use a Transpal® bench mounted label dispenser. Supplied with rubber anti-skid feet, predrilled holes mean they can also be permanently secured to a bench for additional stability.

The Transpal PD611T has a maximum roll width of 160mm – perfect for the CLP labels. The PD625T has a roll width of 250mm, allowing several rolls to be dispensed side by side.

Pacplus, Tegrabond and Transpal tapes and labels are all exclusively available from Southgate® and its network of approved distributors throughout the UK and across Europe. For more information call 01553 69 29 69 or email

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