Advantages of WAT #4 – Temperature Tolerance

In a previous blog in this series we spoke about the permanence of a carton seal when using water activated tape rather than pressure-sensitive plastic tape. This feature is even more noticeable when the tape is subjected to extremes of temperature.

The plastics used to make packaging tapes become brittle if exposed to the low temperatures found in coldstores and commercial freezers, and they soften as temperatures raise. Of all pressure-sensitive tape adhesives only solvent-based (the least environmentally-friendly of them all) will continue to perform at low temperatures, while all pressure-sensitive adhesives soften when warm.

Brittle plastic is more vulnerable to cracking and splitting, while softened tapes and adhesives are more prone to separating from cardboard, particularly if the tape has been applied under tension across a not entirely flat surface.

In contrast, the kraft paper and starch adhesive used for water activated tapes remain stable at a wide scale of temperatures, maintaining the strength of the seal and the carton’s overall rigidity so that goods arrive at their destination secure and well-presented.

This is one of seven advantages of water-activated tape that we are highlighting in a series of blogs, which alone and in combination present a strong argument for changing from pressure-sensitive to water activated tape. Be sure to look out for them all and revisit previously-published blogs at southgate.eu.com/blogs.

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