Advantages of WAT #5 – Improved Presentation

It is now rare for retail products to be presented in plain outer cartons as manufacturers recognise the commercial advantages – anti-fraud, brand promotion, product identification and enhanced perceived value – of custom printed cartons, and consumers are learning to expect a higher level of presentation. But is this being spoilt by the tape used to secure the carton?

Plastic tape applied well can look neat and professional, but it is all too easy to get it wrong. It easily stretches, warps and creases while it is being applied. It can lift and lose its seal, leaving the carton partially open. If the carton isn’t entirely flat, or has an air pocket directly underneath the tape seal, or is made with too high recycled content, more than one strip of overlapping tape may be needed to make a satisfactory seal.

Water activated tape is made from natural kraft paper which is thicker and more dimensionally stable than plastic. It is less prone to distortion and adheres instantly and permanently to cardboard, requiring only one strip of tape per seam.

Water activated tape blends well with natural brown or white corrugated cartons as it is available in three colours – natural brown, snow white and oyster, which is a lamination of white kraft on top of brown kraft. It is also perfect for single or multicolour overprinting if additional security or brand promotion are required. Furthermore, it sends a clear signal to consumers that you are an environmentally-responsible company.

This is one of seven advantages of water-activated tape that we are highlighting in a series of blogs, which alone and in combination present a strong argument for changing from pressure-sensitive to water activated tape. Be sure to look out for them all and revisit previously-published blogs at southgate.eu.com/blogs.

Tegrabond® water activated tapes and dispensers are supplied by Southgate® through their network of approved suppliers throughout the UK and across Europe.

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