Advantages of WAT #6 – Cost Savings

If you look at the cost per metre of a roll of water activated kraft paper tape it is easy to dismiss it as an expensive eco-alternative to plastic tapes. The actual facts couldn’t be more different – after all, would the world’s largest order fulfilment company – famous for paring its operational costs to the minimum – exclusively use water activated tapes if this were the case?

A US-based independent testing and verification company investigated and found that the higher cost per metre of water activated tape is more than compensated for by two factors: the amount of tape required to obtain a satisfactory seal and the time taken to apply this amount of tape equated to considerable cost reductions when using water activated tape compared with plastic pressure-sensitive tape.

So even without the other benefits that water activated tape brings, a reduction in packaging costs should be a compelling reason for companies to replace plastic with paper.

This is one of seven advantages of water-activated tape that we are highlighting in a series of blogs, which alone and in combination present a strong argument for changing from pressure-sensitive to water activated tape. Be sure to look out for them all and revisit previously-published blogs at southgate.eu.com/blogs.

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