Advantages of WAT #7 – More Gain, Less Pain

If corrugated cartons are taped manually a hand-held ‘pistol grip’ dispenser is commonly used; inexpensive, lightweight and versatile, they are well-suited to intermittent and occasional use. However, if used continuously they can lead to short-term operator fatigue and the risk of long-term repetitive strain injury (RSI). This is because although the dispenser themselves are light, a reasonable amount of pressure is needed to apply and cut the tape, while the operator’s other hand is engaged in keeping the carton flaps aligned.

The combination of water activated tape and an electronic dispenser reduces both taping time and operator strain, leading to a happier, healthier and more productive operation.

Imagine having a machine that will automatically measure out, moisten and cut tape to just exactly the right length while you finish packing the carton, holding it at a convenient angle for you to collect and place on the first carton flap.

Imagine the tape being rigid enough to not curl up on itself as soon as you release it, allowing you to neatly align the flaps and bring them down together before completing the seal.

Imagine the same machine dispensing the tape in sets of three exact lengths to H-seal the carton for extra strength and security, one carton after the next.

Imagine having the machine measuring the carton for you and dispense the correct tape length without you having to choose a pre-set.

Well, now’s the time to stop imagining, and take a look at Tegrabond water activated tapes and dispensers.

This is our final blog on seven advantages of water-activated tape, which alone and in combination present a strong argument for changing from pressure-sensitive to water activated tape. If you missed and would like to read our previously-published blogs in this series you can find them at southgate.eu.com/blogs.

Tegrabond® water activated tapes and dispensers are supplied by Southgate® through their network of approved suppliers throughout the UK and across Europe.

You can also visit our Youtube channel to find out more.

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