International Women’s Day at Southgate

International women’s day is a fantastic opportunity for Southgate to celebrate the wide range of female talent we have across the company.

We asked some of our employee’s opinions and experiences of working within the packaging industry.

What does international women’s day mean to you?

International women’s day means actively striving towards a future where gender equality is recognised on a global scale. Today is about reflecting on all the sacrifices that have been taken by our predecessors but more importantly it’s about what active steps we are taking as individuals to stamp out inequality completely.

Grace Hume, Client Project co-ordinator

What do you enjoy the most about working for Southgate?

The people and the close team are what make Southgate. We are always there to help each other overcome any obstacles along the way. I think the employee relationships are a major factor behind the success of Southgate. I also enjoy that no two days are the same, you are constantly learning new and exciting things about the industry, particularly with Southgate’s focus on sustainability and sourcing environmentally conscious alternatives.

Rosie Mann, Account Manager

What advice would you give to encourage more women to work in the packaging/logistics industry?

Whilst packaging and logistic is often perceived as a male dominated industry, it is a multifaceted role that requires a range of skills. It is an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding job role with excellent chances for career progression. A large factor within this industry is teamwork and understanding that all departments are equal in contributing to successful operations.

Amy Clucas, Assistant Buyer

Do you feel valued in your role?

A large part of my role involves working together as a team. Regardless of the department you work in at Southgate, we all communicate and help each other. The atmosphere here is very positive, friendly and inspiring. There are plenty of opportunities within the company and lots of projects to get involved with.

Eleanor Howard, Operations Supervisor

What company values are important to you?

Southgate’s core values are to be innovative, passionate, modest, collaborative and agile. I don’t think I could chose one overarching value as they work in tandem to create an excellent level of teamwork. I enjoy that at Southgate no person or department is viewed as superior, we all have a deep respect and understanding that it is only together that we can produce such a high grade of customer service.

Holly Attlesey, Marketing Executive


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