Increased Demand for Shredding Products

Dale Turner, Business Development Director at Southgate Packaging comments:


With the continued growth in e-commerce and consumer focus on sustainable packaging, we’re seeing a rise in demand for Shredding products, as businesses look to increase their sustainability efforts by repurposing unwanted cardboard.


Shredding cardboard waste has many benefits. These include reduced costs and improved carbon footprints. Often said to be a ‘one time investment’, shredders are an environmentally conscious and sustainable way to save money, as the excess packaging created can be used for void fill which helps to decrease recycling and material expenses.


Southgate has a range of Shredders available, with its best-selling shredding product named as the OP422-240V Shredder. It reduces the cost of disposal and provides free environmentally friendly packing material as well as many other key features.


Southgate’s OP320 Shredder has seen a huge peak in sales over the last 18 months. With similar features to its best seller but on a slightly smaller scale, this product has been very popular with customers within the e-commerce sector hoping to increase their sustainability focus. Shredders should be a staple product for all industries as they are a great way for businesses to feed into the growing circular economy movement.

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