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Southgate Celebrates Global Recycling Day

Plastic pollution is becoming an increasingly popular subject, and with the plastic packaging tax being introduced in just over a year’s time the time for action is fast approaching. Over 8 billion metric tonnes of plastic have been produced since the industrial introduction of synthetic materials in the 1950’s. Of this staggering production only 9% has been recycled and a further 79% is in landfill or littered in the natural environment.

With these statistics in mind, it is important for both businesses and the public to ensure that plastic waste is disposed of in the most responsible way. If you are unsure on what plastics can be recycled and where, click here.

Another cause for concern with plastics is the effect they have on the environment, or more particularly the marine environments. Currently 150 million tonnes of plastic are polluting marine area, and this is predicted to rise by 750 million tonnes by 2050 if immediate action is not taken.

At Southgate we are excited to announce the steps we have in place to ensure we are assisting in creating a better, more sustainable world:

  • We are endeavouring to use less things made of plastic, and if we do to ensure it is reusable where possible
  • We are ensuring that there is recycling bins in all communal areas
  • Having relevant signage so employees are aware of what can and cannot be recycled
  • Working with local authorities to raise recycling awareness

If you want to see the sustainable products that Southgate offer, visit our e-edition or speak to a member of our team today on 01553 692969.


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