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Southgate is Adapting to a New Age of Packaging

Southgate recently collaborated with Logistics Manager, evaluating the impact of the last year on the packaging industry, and what industry leaders believe will be the future of packaging.

2020 saw an exponential growth in demand for e-commerce. Whilst this growth in e-commerce sales can be partially attributed to the national lockdown, there was a further rippled effect across businesses. Companies that had never ventured into the realms of offering online retail were forced to do so, and as such there was an even higher demand for packaging goods and warehouse space.

Coupled alongside the boom in e-commerce, is consumer interest in sustainable packaging. There has been a massive drive on creating a more circular economy and reducing the amount of harmful waste we put into the environment. In conjunction with the plastic packaging tax that will be introduced in April 2022 people are looking to their packaging providers to offer sustainable alternatives. At Southgate we have recently launched our eco-brochure that showcases our large range of environmentally conscious products.

Furthermore, this new age of sustainable packaging needs to be equally business and cost effective. At Southgate we believe that utilising data is a pivotal part of supporting good sales. It is important to analyse companies as individuals- every business has its own unique requirements and usage of products. As such, you need to use this data and show them alternatives that are not going to financially impact their company.  For example, products such as water activated tape and air void fill minimises material cost whilst adhering to sustainability preferences.

To read more about Southgate’s view on the future of packaging read the February edition of Logistics Manager (pp.15-17).

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