Southgate Launches Hotmelt Glues & Guns Brochure

Xtegra Stickfast Tamper Evident and Security Packaging Products…


Pilferage, tampering and infiltration of hazardous substances or counterfeit products.


Contamination of contents due to inadequate sealing.


The risk of damage to fragile contents and loss of valuable goods.


Mishandling and breaches of security.


All logistics personnel to consignment requirements.

Use Xtegra Stickfast products to protect your brand, optimise security, reduce costs and despatch your products with peace of mind and total confidence. All Xtegra Stickfast and Packer glue guns are designed for regular industrial use and provide a wide range of versatile features.

Ergonomic Design

Xtegra Stickfast and Packer glue guns are designed from the user’s perspective. Easy to hold and handle, they are also incredibly light, substantially reducing operator fatigue.

Simple Settings

Adjustable temperature controls allow users to fine tune the viscosity and setting time of the different adhesives to suit their individual requirements.

Hotmelt Adhesive Versatility

A hotmelt adhesive seal creates a strong and durable, tamper evident closure to protect your valuable carton consignments in transit and during storage.

Hotmelt bonding in manufacturing applications can help cut your assembly costs and speed up your production. If you have a new product at design stage or are looking at ways to improve the efficiency of your manufacturing process, Xtegra Stickfast and Packer hotmelts may have the answer.

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