Southgate Launches Pacplan Fulfilment Brochure

Southgate are excited to announce the addition of the Pacplan Fulfilment brochure to its digital portfolio.

Our Pacplan Technik range offers a bespoke approach to each project, ensuring that the efficiency and productivity of your warehouse are maximised. Bringing an excellence in design at every stage of your project, from initial survey to installation and commissioning.

Maximising your environment productivity: Pacplan Technik methodology assesses the overall impact and benefits of an entire system by optimising available space and streamlining workflow.

Bespoke designs: By offering a bespoke design and construction it allows us complete flexibility to meet the distinctive requirements of each project.

Excellence in manufacturing: all components are CAD designed and manufactured in Great Britain. Our materials are selected for their strength and durability to ensure you are receiving top quality products.

Fulfilment systems: Pacplan Technik is not only suitable for large order fulfilment centre projects but for a range of warehouse conditions. We offer the same level of bespoke service no matter your business level or size.

With products ranging from void fill systems and work benches to carts and trolleys our latest brochure gives you a comprehensive range of our fulfilment products.

To find out more click here or on the image above.


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