Southgate shortlisted for UK Packaging Awards

We are pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for the 2019 UK Packaging Awards!

As a finalist, we were selected for the Best New Concept Award for the impending launch of our Carbon Neutral air pillow film.

Carbon Neutral film is made using more than 53% recycled content, most of which is collected post consumer plastic.

With the support of rain forest projects, we actively contribute all CO2 from production and the raw materials. The combination of this results in a 100% compensation of the CO2 footprint of Carbon Neutral film.

  • 100 kg of Polyethylene production is about 220 kg of CO2
    One tree of 23 meters is absorbing about 1 Ton of CO2
    So for 1 Ton of CO2 we produce, we ensure the planting of 6-8 trees in Brazil.

Why Brazil?

The trees in Tropical areas are growing 4-5 x faster than Nordic trees, but 600kg of tree is absorbing 1 ton of CO2 no matter if the tree is in Norway, Germany or Brazil.

The Awards take place on Thursday 7th November

The full shortlist can be viewed here 

To book tickets and ensure your place in the room click here


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