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As the sector experiences continued unprecedented growth, Southgate is calling for the wider industry to address the challenges of sustainable packaging within e-commerce.


E-commerce sales increased by 46% globally in 2020. This resulted in a surge in the amount of packaging waste. Added to the consumer shift in demand for sustainable and recyclable packing products, Southgate believes that sustainable packaging solutions should be high on the agenda for e-commerce businesses worldwide.


Southgate is proactively working with its customers to find alternative solutions with the aim of helping e-commerce businesses to remain sustainable whilst also meeting the increased demand. This includes offering advice on the types of packaging which can be recycled, following reports that 44% of consumers think recyclable or reusable packaging is one of the most important features in their product choice.


Southgate has a strong sustainability focus and is investing in new, innovative products for its e-commerce customers which address the sectors current challenges. These launches include products from Carbon Neutral Air Cushions, which already use 53% of recycled content, to Pallet Wrapping and Void Fill, with many more innovations to come.


Craig Turner, Managing Director at Southgate Packaging, said: “Despite the challenges of Covid-19 and the change in consumer habits this has brought about, Southgate has recognised that sustainability and e-commerce are two key trends that will be driving the industry forward.


“Particularly for the e-commerce market, we see it as our responsibility to create sustainable packaging solutions. We are investing heavily in creating innovative new products to offer our customers a suite of sustainable alternatives.”


Creating products which can easily be recycled by consumers is key for Southgate. Its Air Pillow Void Fill uses less material, consisting of 98% air, reducing wastage and making it one of the most sustainable alternatives.


Other products experiencing market growth include Southgate’s Water Activated Tape which reduces the amount of tape required. Many leading e-commerce companies have chosen to use this fully recyclable material instead of regular plastic packaging tape.


Craig continues: “As we look to 2022, we are focusing on the benefits the increase in usage of sustainable packaging will have not only on generating a more circular economy, but how it will help the industry align with consumer expectations, right from the start of the supply chain to the end user.”


Highlighting its focus on sustainability, Southgate was recently awarded a bronze certificate by EcoVadis, the ratings platform to assess corporate social responsibility and sustainable procurement. Southgate also recently launched its Sustainability E-edition brochure to showcase its latest sustainable product line.

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