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Southgate’s View on The Packaging Agenda

Craig Turner, Southgate’s Managing Director, has recently featured in SHD Logistics article The Packaging Agenda, commenting on the ins and outs of the packaging world.

Exploring how the impact of the pandemic is still be felt with the packaging industry, Southgate endeavoured to be agile in their response and began developing a range of covid-products such as welfare testing stations and portable washing stations. This innovative move enabled Southgate to still function and retain jobs as well as supporting our existing customer base.

Subsequently,  the sector began to see the effects of the e-commerce boom and as a direct result the issues of the supply chain not being able to keep up with demand. It is predicted by 2040 ecommerce will account for over a third of all retail sales which in turn pushes demand for warehouse space and supplies. This pressure on warehouses means that by 2024 it is predicted to account for 92 million sq.ft of warehouse space.

With a tumultuous 2020, the new year seems to be bringing in its own challenges. First and foremost, there has been the impact of the Brexit deal. Whilst Southgate were preparing for the most likely outcomes  there were still a number of uncertainties that were made unclear until the last minute. However, by being transparent with their customer base all minor problems were easily resolved.

Furthermore, the introduction of the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) from April 2022 is something that all companies need to begin investing time and resources into. Southgate has recently launched an eco-brochure with a focus on our sustainable range of products, offering helpful alternatives to plastic products that are currently in use.

To read more about Southgate’s view on The Packaging Agenda click here.

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