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Introducing Self Seal Paper

Self-seal paper sticks to itself and is a great option for reducing packaging waste. The cohesive coating doesn’t leave any residue and will not stick to your products. It seals instantly without heat or pressure. Self-Seal is also available as a corrugated roll which offers added protection for many applications. Using self-seal paper is both …

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Introducing the PWN4 Air Pillow System

The PWN4 air pillow system is our fastest small pillow system yet. Its compact size means that it is both mobile and flexible in placement. Speed The PWN4 is the fastest machine on the market.  The 4 speed modes of 4/6/8/10m per minute offer unbeatable speed without compromising on quality. Additionally, there is no heat …

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Optimising your Packing Area

One of the most important parts of building a successful business is through optimising workspace and increasing productivity. A recent study from HSE discovered that almost nine million working days were lost in 2019/2020 due to work related musculoskeletal disorders. Through enhancing a workspace, you can dramatically reduce the impact that physical labour can have …

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The Benefits of Polyester Strapping

We are continuously seeing fluctuations in the market when it comes to supply and demand of different products. Recently, we have seen shifts in the amount of steel strapping being available, but have you ever considered using a polyester alternative? Polyester strapping is both stronger and safer and is available for a range of different …

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Your Guide to Sustainable Void Fill

Void fill is an invaluable commodity in the packaging sector. Whilst we should always endeavour to use the correct size box, void fill can act as an added barrier to keep products safe in transit. Traditional forms of void fill include polystyrene foam peanuts and plastic bubble wrap. However, both products are incredibly hard to …

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Product Launch: X-Wrap

We are excited to announce the launch of the X-Wrap Dispenser. The X-Wrap is a sustainable alternative to plastic wrapping, suitable for packaging sensitive and fragile products. For enhanced product protection and an improved appearance you can also use an intermediate layer of white tissue paper. Benefits: Shock absorbing property Protection for pointed and sharp …

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What is a Circular Economy?

To understand what defines a circular economy, we must first unpack the current, traditional economy method, referred to as the ‘linear’ economy. What is a Linear Economy? In a linear economy we mine raw materials that are then processed into a product that is thrown away after use. This is often referred to as the …

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New: Kraft Padded Paper Mailing Bags

Made from mixed recycled and virgin paper the kraft paper padded mailing bags are our most sustainable mailer yet. Fully compostable, the kraft paper waffle padding provides extra strength for cushioning and protecting your products. The honeycomb structure of the padding not only cushions but also gives a protective spring back, ensuring maximum protection whilst …

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The Facts on Paper Mailers

Paper mailing bags are the eco friendly alternative to plastic mailing bags. With the plastic packaging tax fast approaching it is more important than ever to focus on reducing your company’s plastic use. Material: Our paper mailer range are made of 100% of virgin kraft paper. Kraft paper is renowned for its superior strength due …

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paper vs plastic

Paper Vs Plastic Debate

Paper Vs Plastic debate We have seen a monumental shift of consumer interest in sustainable packaging alternatives over the last few years. This movement to sourcing sustainable packaging products, coupled with the plastic packaging tax being brought in, in April 2022, gives the impression that plastic packaging is a lot worse for the environment than …

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