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The Air27 pneumatic carton stapler

Just about, everyone owns a stapler. Staplers are used at the office, at home, work places and even in medical settings. When a package is delivered, there is a good chance that a stapler helped to seal that package. A stapler is a Mechanical devise that joins pages of paper or similar martial by driving …

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Battle of the Bands

If you are banding large items or palletised loads, there’s a high chance that you will be using a manual strapping tool. This is fine for occasional use, but if your throughput increases you could soon find yourself on the ropes. Before you throw in the towel, consider switching to a friction weld tool. Take …

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Shrink Wrapping

The Facts on… Shrink Wrapping

What film should I use? If you’re shrink wrapping big stuff like pallet loads or furniture, you’ll need fairly hefty polythene film. This is available in several formats on a wide roll, which is usually held on a mobile roll dispenser Centrefold or multifold polythene shrink sheeting Folding the film before it’s wound onto the …

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Corner Protection

The Facts On… Corner Protection

Corner protectors made from injection moulded polypropylene come in three styles – closed, expanding and open. Closed corner protectors look a bit like a shallow, square box cut diagonally across the top and are made to fit a range of sheet material thicknesses. Typically they protect the corners of fixed-depth products such as table tops …

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Packaging Tapes

The Facts on… Packaging Tapes

Most packaging tapes are used to seal boxes and packages, and of these, most are plastic tapes with a self-adhesive (pressure-sensitive) backing. Packing tapes Packing tapes are primarily used to seal carton joints but their uses within and beyond packaging are wide. Polypropylene tape The majority of packing tapes are manufactured using an extruded polypropylene …

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The Facts on… Staplers

Perhaps the best known and most widely used stapling tools are anvil staplers; the humble, general purpose office stapler is one of these. As the name suggests, the stapling head strikes against an anvil that crimps the staple legs together and back against whatever is being stapled. This ensures the staple contents are held securely …

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