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The Seven Advantages of WAT

The Seven Advantages of WAT

Water activated tape – also commonly known as gummed paper tape – is rapidly becoming the carton sealer of choice in the order fulfilment sector, with the world’s largest operations using it exclusively in favour of plastic tapes. So why should a product that looks quaintly old-fashioned be so popular? Over the next seven weeks …

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Strange and Funny Shipping Facts

Strange and Funny Shipping Facts

As many will be frantically wrapping gifts and we look back on another eventful year in packaging, here’s a few interesting – but possibly useless – facts about the delivery sector. No Kidding On the first day of 1913, the United States Post Office started allowing large parcels to be shipped through the mail. The …

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Photo to illustrate Southgate packaging environmentally friendly products

Southgate® gives products Green High Five

Non-biodegradable packaging waste reduction is now high on every manufacturing and distribution company’s agenda, but for eco-friendly packaging to be truly viable it must be equal in terms of cost-efficiency and performance to the products it will replace. Southgate has launched a recognition scheme – the Green High Five – to highlight its products that …

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Photo of Pacplan Technik bespoke packaging system

Pacplan: Everything To Hand

In the order fulfilment sector, profitability is all about driving efficiency and reducing costs, and the most effective way to do this is with a fully-integrated pack system. Smart design that places everything exactly where you need it and reduces double-handling and bottlenecks. Automation that offers versatility for irregular pack sizes and fluctuating demands. When …

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