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paper vs plastic

Paper Vs Plastic Debate

Paper Vs Plastic debate We have seen a monumental shift of consumer interest in sustainable packaging alternatives over the last few years. This movement to sourcing sustainable packaging products, coupled with the plastic packaging tax being brought in, in April 2022, gives the impression that plastic packaging is a lot worse for the environment than …

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E-Commerce: What Types of Packaging are Recyclable?

We have seen a 46% growth in e-commerce sales in 2020 compared to the previous year. With this increase in sales there has also been a surge in the amount of packaging waste which the consumer is responsible for disposing. Alongside this growth, there has been a consumer shift in the global movement of creating …

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Top Ten Tips: Upcycling your E-Commerce Waste

After being in and out of national lockdowns for almost a year, I think it is safe to assume that many of us has become a well acquainted with online shopping. In fact, in 2020 e-commerce sales grew by 46%  compared to the previous year. This exponential growth seen last year is set to grow …

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Recycling Plastics: Explained

A recent survey from YouGov concluded that 60% of people are unsure how to recycle. Furthermore, 69% of people who did recycle admitted that they do not recycle enough. This blog aims to educate you on the different recycling categories and enable you to recycle in a more conscious manner. The Seven Most Commonly Used …

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From Lab to Jab

Xtegra™ security void tape has been the product of choice for the rollout of both the Pfizer and Oxford, Astra Zeneca vaccines. Our range of Tegracheck™ security tapes are made with an aggressive adhesive which prevents removal of the tape without clear evidence, revealing an ‘OPEN VOID’ message. These tapes are ideal for food, hospital …

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The New Brexit Deal Explained

In 2016 the UK voted to leave the EU, and in January of 2020 we officially left the trading block. It was, however, decided that things would remain the same until 31st December 2020, to allow time for a trade deal. On the 24th December 2020, after lengthy negotiations, a deal was agreed upon. What …

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edge protection

The Facts On… Edge Protection

When it comes to packaging there is often an emphasis on the quality of boxing and the choice of void fill to protect the inner packaging. However, the importance of ensuring the outer packaging is not damaged is often overlooked. Edge protection ensures that no part of the packaging process is compromised and enables your …

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Black Friday

Black Friday Sales

Black Friday has arrived at Southgate. Some of the products we will be featuring this year include strapping machines; shrink wrappers; friction weld tools and air pillow systems. Alongside this we have a plethora of ancillary items, with cutters starting from just £0.33. This year Southgate are offering up to 70% off a large range of products, check …

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Plastic Packaging Tax

Understanding the UK Plastic Packaging Tax

It has been confirmed that a UK Plastic Tax will take effect from April 2022. Why is a plastic tax being introduced? It is estimated that two million tonnes of plastic packaging is used each year. The UK is in the top five processors of plastic in Europe. A study in 2017 found that plastic …

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The Seal of Approval for Green Tenzalopes™

Over the past 5 years we have seen a surge of interest in eco-friendly alternatives to packaging products. With the new Plastic Packaging Tax coming into effect from April 2022, offering sustainable options is more important than ever. At Southgate we have established a ‘Green High Five’ criteria: Sustainable Recyclable Reusable Biodegradable Waste reductive Our …

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