Water Activated Tape


Advantages of WAT #7 – More Gain, Less Pain

If corrugated cartons are taped manually a hand-held ‘pistol grip’ dispenser is commonly used; inexpensive, lightweight and versatile, they are well-suited to intermittent and occasional use. However, if used continuously they can lead to short-term operator fatigue and the risk of long-term repetitive strain injury (RSI). This is because although the dispenser themselves are light, …

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Which WAT and Why?

Which WAT and Why?

Water activated tape (WAT) – also known as gummed paper tape – is rapidly gaining popularity for carton sealing because it has near-perfect eco credentials but at the same time outperforms conventional plastic tapes. And as an added bonus, it works out cheaper per sealed carton. Standard WAT is a single layer of pure kraft …

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