Employee Welfare Testing Station

Test staff at a safe distance with screen protection

Designed by Southgate to enable factories, logistics supply chains and ecommerce companies to test staff for fevers before they enter the workplace.

> Very quick and simple to deploy and are also portable. They are designed to be used in conjunction with infrared forehead thermometers.
> This is a very simple welfare provision to enable companies who are continuing to operate as key workers to take a precautionary step every day, in taking the temperatures of their staff before they start their shift.

General Notes

> Capturing a reading of an employee when well will help capture any variance.
> Body temperature can be an early warning of being unwell.
> Capture twice per day on initial reading and record average.
> Do not hold the device for long time periods as it will make readings inaccurate.
> Device has a tolerance of ±0.5°c
> Keep out of sun and dusty environments
> Shock will damage the internal parts of the devise.
> Normal forehead reading would be 36.1 to 37.5°c – over 60 years of age reading can become less effective.
> Operator and device to be stabilised for 30 minutes before taking reading.
> Physical exercise and clothing or H&S equipment could provide inaccurate readings.
> Device to be stored in a dry cool place <10°c.

Capturing Data

> Recommend taking after breaks (clean, calm and stabilized).
> Mode to be on adult.
> 10 second gap between measurements.
> Clean device between use.
> Clean forehead to remove sweat and dirt.
> Clean device with 70% alcohol swab and leave for 5 mins to stabilise.

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